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Sebastian Kehl: Mateu Morey “Will Be Out for a Long Time”

BVB Head of Players’ Department Confirms Severity of Morey’s Knee Injury

Borussia Dortmund v Holstein Kiel - DFB Cup: Semi Final Photo by Friedemann Vogel - Pool/Getty Images

For anyone that was watching yesterday’s game, it probably comes as no surprise to hear that Mateu Morey was seriously injured. The young Spaniard overextended his leg as he was reaching for the ball and he went down hard, screaming in pain for several minutes, until he was carted off on a stretcher. It didn’t look pretty, and fans immediately feared the worst. Sebastian Kehl, speaking on Sport1, seems to have confirmed those fears.

It was a terribly unfortunate incident, and while there’s always the possibility that a player gets away with a much less serious injury than first feared, it looks like it may have cost Morey dearly. Sebastian Kehl has confirmed that Mateu Morey is expected to be out for a long time with what he described as a “serious ligament and capsule injury”. A more detailed diagnosis is not yet available, and will not be released until Morey has received a thorough assessment early next week, but the early signs are not good.

Witnessing any player suffer a serious, career-threatening injury is brutal, and no matter who they play for, it’s not something anyone wants (or at least should want) to see. It’s especially gutting when that player is so young, and hasn’t had the opportunity to make the most of their potential yet.

Mateu will, at the very least, miss out on the opportunity to establish himself as BVB’s starting right back next season, which would have been incredibly valuable for his development. This is further compounded by the fact that Morey had already missed a lot of playing time at both Barcelona and BVB due to injuries. Lets hope he is able to make a full recovery and return to playing as soon as possible, and competing for a starting role in the near future.

Get well soon Mateu!