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The Daily Bee (April 22nd): Football is Saved! Thank You UEFA!

However, the Super League is not as dead as that dead goat

Borussia Dortmund v 1. FC Union Berlin - Bundesliga Photo by Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

Good Morning Fear The Wall!

If you were in any doubt about how badly Florentino Perez and his merry band of rich idiots botched this whole Super League thing, critics have not only managed to turn it on its head and see the league canned, but have now turned their attention to the recently agreed changes to the Champions League. UEFA are now facing pressure to get rid of the coefficient places that have been agreed upon in the Champions League.

Florentino and the boys must be feeling very silly around about now. Maybe he will do less interviews declaring himself the savior of football?

Goat Dies, Aged 14

A goat is dead this is very sad news that poor dead goat.

Taken from us too soon.

Ryan Mason Becomes Youngest Premier League Manager Ever

To finish today’s Daily Bee, have a nice story to lift your spirits. Unlike that Super League and that stupid goat, Ryan Mason is not dead. He is only the interim manager of Tottenham Hotspur, instead. At 29 years old, that makes Ryan the youngest manager in Premier League history!

Mason, a former Tottenham player, retired at age 26 after he suffered a head injury playing for Hull City. He fractured his skull when clashing heads with Gary Cahill, which required 14 metal plates, 28 screws, and 45 staples. He was unfortunately forced to retire on the advice for medical experts. However, with the end of Mason’s playing career came the start of his coaching career, and he has taken up several coaching roles at Tottenham before stepping in as the interim first team manager until the end of the season.

Mason took charge for his first game last night against Southampton, claiming a 2-1 victory through Gareth Bale & Son Heung-min goals. It’s a really nice story, and I’m pleased to see he has found success following the sad end to his playing career. Hopefully this is the start of a long management career in which he never beats Southampton again.

The Daily Buzz

If you could kill 100 of any type of animal, what would you choose and how? I’d like to smash 100 rats with a claw hammer.