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The Daily Bee (April 16th, 2021): Slavia Prague: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!


Good morning, everyone! Except you, Slavia Prague. I wish you a very bad, not good, crummy Friday morning.

Why, you ask?

Well, we all remember last month, when Slavia Prague Captain Ondrej Kudela allegedly racially abused a member of Rangers FC, Glen Kamara. Following the incident, UEFA suspended Kudela for 10 games, and suspended Kamara for three games, after determining that he “assaulted” Kudela in the tunnel. Meanwhile, Slavia Prague have been totally unrepentant, refusing to apologize for the incident. Meanwhile, several of their Ultras posted a picture to their Instagram of fans holding a banner referring to Kamara with a racial slur.

Yesterday, Slavia Prague faced Arsenal in the Europa League, and if they didn’t already make themselves the villains, they sure as hell did when, before the opening whistle, they chose to stand in a huddle while the Arsenal players did the customary kneel against racism.

And oh boy, did Slavia get destroyed. Totally and completely demolished, with goals by Nicholas Pepe, Bukayo Saka, and Alexandre Lacazette. You all know that I’m a Tottenham fan, so I obviously have no love for Arsenal, but I’m willing to look past that to take pleasure in watching a racist, pile of garbage club get the ever-loving shit kicked out of it. I regret ever having a sliver of positive feeling about Slavia Prague after we played them in the Champions League. I actually hope that we draw them in the Europa League next year just so that we can put 10 goals past them over two matches in the group stage.

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