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The Daily Bee (April 1st, 2021): Die Mannschaft are Rubbish

Maybe they could do with Thomas Delaney to help them create more goals?

Germany v North Macedonia - FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Qualifier Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Good Morning Fear The Wall!

The international break is finally coming to a close. We can return from the darkness to the bright, sunlight world of domestic football. And best of all, it seems like Borussia Dortmund’s players will return largely unscathed, which is no small thing in this packed pandemic schedule.

Though BVB’s players have avoided any serious injuries during the break, Emre Can may need some time to recover from a bruised ego. The German national team have struggled recently under Joachim Low, but last night they faced probably the most embarrassing defeat yet, losing 2-1 to North Macedonia.

I don’t think many North Macedonia fans will feel aggrieved being painted in this light. They know the score. Germany shouldn’t be losing to a team like this. But sure enough, they did, in some part thanks to Timo Werner’s struggles in front of goal.

I’m sure Germany will be fine. This will be treated as an absolute travesty that heaps shame upon the nation, the likes of which has never been experienced before. But it’s Germany. They’re rubbish at the moment, but it won’t last.

Thomas Delaney Grabs Two Assists in Denmark Win

Elsewhere, Thomas Delaney is most definitely not rubbish! Delaney grabbed two assists and was voted man of the match in Denmark’s 4-0 victory against Austria.

We all know Delaney as the industrious, battling midfielder that might lack dynamism but brings plenty of work-ethic and toughness, but if he’s going to start bagging goals from scorpion kicks and turning into a creative fore, we might have to reassess!

The Daily Buzz

I always find it interesting when people follow a national team not linked to their own heritage, but it seems relatively prominent here. It feels a little different, to me at least, to following a domestic team that you have no connection to. So what national team do you follow? And why?