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The Daily Bee (March 31st, 2021): Robert Lewandowski Injured for Four Weeks

The Bayern Munich striker will miss a string of key matches in the Bavarians’ season.

Poland v Andorra - FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Qualifier Photo by ADAM NURKIEWICZ/Getty Images

Good morning, Fear the Wall!

Before I begin, I owe a big shoutout to Paul for covering the last few Daily Bees. I took a much-needed weekend vacation, and it was nice not having to fret about the latest Erling Haaland transfer rumors for a few days. One of the negative side effects of the COVID pandemic is that workers are taking fewer days off because it’s unsafe to travel anywhere on vacation. Although a flight to Disneyworld may be out of the cards due to safety concerns, one thing I highly recommend is trying to find an AirBnB somewhere out of the city. They make great places to hang out with a small group of friends, and if you can drive there in a day, you can reasonably minimize your risk of catching COVID. While they can be expensive, if you pool a few nights’ fees with a few other people, you can bring the price down pretty quickly.

Anyway, this isn’t a column, this is “news.”

Robert Lewandowski Suffers Injury on International Duty

In today’s edition of “Why International Breaks Suck”: Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski has suffered a knee injury while on duty with the Polish national team, and will sit on the sidelines for roughly four weeks. This means he will miss several key matches on the horizons: first against title challengers RB Leipzig this Saturday, and then both legs of the Champions League Quarterfinals against Paris-Saint Germain.

This will be a big test for Bayern Manager Hansi Flick. While his tenure has been impressive, he’s never dealt with a blow like this before. If he can navigate the next few weeks without his best player, it will cement his legacy that much more as a great coach.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge Downplays Haaland-to-Bayern Rumors

Bayern Munich’s CEO has pretty affirmatively downplayed the idea that Bayern Munich are pursuing Erling Haaland. In an interview with SportBild, Rummenigge claimed that Robert Lewandowski’s presence in the squad effectively precludes the signings of any additional strikers. Considering Haaland’s lofty price tag and the plethora of rich clubs interested in signing him, it makes sense that Bayern wouldn’t open their bank accounts for a player who may not see much time, at least for a few years.

For what it’s worth, the Bayern experts at Bavarian Football Works seem to agree.

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Have you taken less time off than usual during the pandemic? Do you have any vacation plans for when it winds down?