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The Daily Bee (March 26th, 2021): German National Team Protests Human Rights Abuses in Qatar

Germany joins Norway in raising their concerns about the treatment of migrant workers in preparations for the World Cup

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Germany v Iceland - FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Qualifier Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images

Happy Friday People of the Wall!

The international break is in full swing now, and everyone is suitably bored because most international football is rubbish and we’re only really in it for the tournaments in the summer. But even those have been spoiled thanks to the corruption that is rife in football’s governing bodies, and the specter of human rights abuses that is overshadowing the Qatar World Cup. Qatar’s record on human rights abuses has improved, but it’s still awful, and reports suggest that more than 6,500 migrant workers have died in the last decade.

Several national football associations have made their feelings known about what is going on in Qatar, with England, Belgium, and Holland all making public statements criticizing the human rights abuses, and Norway’s players protested the situation by wearing t-shirts voicing their concerns. The German national team has now joined the Norwegians, wearing t-shirts that spelled out “Human Rights”.

It’s hard to see these protests changing anything, but I certainly credit the players for doing this. I think the national football associations have to take greater responsibility. Simply speaking out isn’t enough. Whether that means boycotting the tournament unless it is moved, or some other form of action, I don’t know.

It’s also interesting seeing several Bayern Munich players wearing these shirts, given the club’s rather cozy relationship with Qatar.

The Daily Buzz

Sean asked what we should expect players to do about the Qatar World Cup yesterday, but what do you want the FAs to do? How should this whole situation be resolved?

EDIT: Today’s Daily Bee originally included news about Erling Haaland’s asking price, but has since been removed because we felt it warranted its own article.

So if you’re reading comments talking about Haaland’s transfer fee, when the article only mentions Qatar’s human rights abuses, that’s my doing!