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BVB, Will You be My Valentine?

Circle One: Yes or No

@blackyellow via Twitter

Dear Borussia Dortmund,

I remember it like it was yesterday, when I was struck by Cupid’s arrow and I fell hard. August 13, 2014 during the DFL Supercup, my football loving heart was looking for a home and boy, did it find one. As you graced the pitch at the Westfalenstadion, there was repeated talk of you being the underdogs, but I knew at once that you were mein Herz.

Our long distance relationship faced its first test during the 2014-2015 campaign as you seemed to be flirting with possible relegation. I know you were wondering, would I still love you if you played in 2. Bundesliga? Luckily, you never had to ask that question, but I will answer it now, yes.

Over the years there were many ups and downs. I honestly didn’t know if we could recover from your affair with Peter Bosz. I can admit now, though, that I did the same to you when I became infatuated with André Schürrle. We remained committed and saw one another through those trials and they made us stronger.

We learned how to forgive (like those times when you failed to capitalize on a Bayern hiccup or when I would tweet that you all should be <insert expletive here> fired) and when we finally met, it cemented my dedication. Remember that glorious summer in LA? After enduring a rocky season and eking out qualification for Champions League play, we were so happy and hopeful for the future.

College Sweethearts: Our first meeting at UCLA
@bvb via Twitter

Since that meeting, we’ve kept things things exciting (who would have ever guessed we’d welcome Mario Götze and Mats Hummels back with open arms) and even gone Twitter Official with our relationship. It’s safe to say that what we have is, echte liebe which leads me to this question: Will you be my Valentine?