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The Daily Bee: Barcelona Fall to the Europa League, and Joshua Kimmich is an Idiot

How the mighty have fallen.

FC Bayern München v FC Barcelona: Group E - UEFA Champions League Photo by Martin Hangen ATPImages/Getty Images

Good morning, Fear the Wall.

Paul is “unavailable” because he’s “travelling” for his “job”, so you’re stuck with me for this edition of the Daily Bee. Apologies if this is a brief version, I’m doing this during my break at work.

The Fall of an Empire

Borussia Dortmund now have a partner in the Europa League: none other than FC Barcelona, the Catalan giants.

Joshua Kimmich is an Idiot

Bayern Munich midfielder Joshua Kimmich, was one of the players most vocally skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccine, has not only contracted COVID, but has now suffered some level of lung damage and will miss the rest of the calendar year.

I don’t have much to say about this, other than that this is entirely through Kimmich’s own making. The vaccines are widely accepted to be effective at reducing hospitalization and other serious health effects of COVID. I got my booster shot the other day, and even though I felt very sick for about 8 hours the next day, by the following evening I felt fine again. Meanwhile, some people with COVID have to battle residual pulmonary or respiratory damage long after they’ve actually recovered from the disease.

The vaccines are safe, and any safety issues they might pose are a) very rare and b) less severe than the virus. Joshua Kimmich is an idiot. Don’t be like Joshua Kimmich. Get the jab.

Disclaimer: for anyone claiming I’m just using this as means to bash Bayern, if it turns out that a BVB player is unvaccinated, I will be more than happy to call them an idiot.

The Daily Buzz

Would you be excited to face Barcelona in the Europa League?