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DFB Investigating Jude Bellingham’s Controversial Comments About Felix Zwayer

Bild claims that Bellingham faces both a suspension and even criminal charges...

Borussia Dortmund - Bayern Munich Photo by Bernd Thissen/picture alliance via Getty Images

As I’m sure everyone is already aware by now, Jude Bellingham was less than pleased about Felix Zwayer’s refereeing performance in Der Klassiker yesterday. He raised questions about Zwayer’s conduct, and his fitness to referee such a big game, given his match-fixing history. Well it turns out the DFB have also taken notice, and have now opened an investigation in to Jude’s comments, according to a report by BILD.

BILD says that the DFB Control Committee are investigating Bellingham, which could potentially lead to the Englishman being fined, or in the worst case scenario, even a lengthy suspension.

Apparently the punishment might not end there either. BILD claims that a voluntary observer for the DFB has also filed criminal charges against Jude and the referee Manuel Gräfe, who was also very critical of Zwayer’s efforts. The criminal offense is apparently “insult, defamation, and slander”.

Look, I think it was funny that Bellingham said what he said, and I don’t necessarily think he is wrong, but it was stupid to say it in interview. He opens himself up to getting in trouble, and potentially missing games through suspension. But he’s a kid, and he let the emotions get the better of him. I think criminal charges are totally absurd. Everyone needs to take a deep breath and try not to cover themselves in even more shame.