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The Daily Bee: Hummels and Kobel out Against Hertha Berlin

Borussia Dortmund v Besiktas: Group C - UEFA Champions League Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Good morning, everyone.

With Omicron running rampant through the UK and the United States, writing about BVB football feels kind of pointless right now. It’s like if a tidal wave were approaching the beach, and your biggest concern is over the structural integrity of your sand castle.

Nevertheless, Dortmund have one match before the winter pause, and hopefully the Bundesliga can use the ensuing time to figure out how they’re going to address the Omicron situation.

Mats Hummels and Gregor Kobel out with a cold

COVID isn’t the only disease going around. According to Ruhr Nachrichten, Mats Hummels and Gregor Kobel are both suffering cases of the good ol’ fashioned common cold, and will have to be gametime decisions tomorrow.

Sunday Matches Incoming

I hate Sunday matches. I can’t really explain why, but I do. I hate them more than Thursday matches. With BVB now in the Europa League, Sunday matches are something we’re going to have to get used to:

We’d better win that trophy, I swear to god.