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The Daily Bee: Multiple Matches in England Cancelled as Omicron Spreads

Increasing COVID cases among players and the general public are threatening the safety of the EPL.

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Good morning, everyone.

I’m going to make this one brief, so I apologize if there are any major stories that I miss. As always, feel free to bring up anything major that occurs in the comment section.

While the Bundesliga is moving ahead for now, I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing some matches postponed, if what’s going on in England is any indication. The Omicron variant seems to have caused a major spike in COVID-19 cases in the United Kingdom, and many Premier League squads have been affected. Tottenham’s squad has been ravaged. They’ve already missed one match in the Conference League and another in the Premier League, and now have had another called off against Leicester City today.

Yesterday, Burnley’s match against Watford was postponed due to an outbreak at Watford. Aston Villa also reported a few cases among players and staff. As of Tuesday, the league reported a total of 42 cases, according to Reuters.

Cases in Germany right now are high, but not quite as high as the United Kingdom. Many health officials in Germany are concerned that the country could soon see a similar wave to the United Kingdom. The Bundesliga may want to consider either postponing matches or taking emergency measures to keep the players and fans safe.