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The Daily Bee: Thomas Meunier to Leave Belgian Squad Following Injury

Hopefully, it won’t affect his time with BVB.

Belgium v Italy - UEFA Euro 2020: Quarter-final Photo by Marcio Machado/Getty Images

Good morning, everyone.

You know, the purpose of the Daily Bee was originally just supposed to be an open forum, with a few links to news stories in the article to raise potential conversation topics and to get to the 150-word minimum in order to appear on Google Searches... but over time they’ve become a lot more structured, and I’ve noticed that the comments have gotten more similar to those under every other article, strictly related to the substance of the article. The Daily Bee really is supposed to be an open forum, where you can talk about anything you want, whether related to BVB, football, or even something outside of football. Any of you seen the new Bond movie? Leave your thoughts below (but no spoilers, please).

I encourage you guys to bring up any other topics you’d like, whether it be related to other news from around football, sports, or even movies or TV shows. We’re in the international break, so things are a little slow right now, but there’s plenty of other stuff going on.

For example, It may be the international break, but playoff baseball is in full swing! I’m currently writing this on Tuesday night, as the Red Sox face the Yankees in the single-game wild card series. It’s currently 4-1 Boston. As a Mets fan, I’m mostly hoping that the Red Sox win so that I don’t have to put up with all my Yankee fan friends anymore during the playoffs. Hopefully my writing this doesn’t jinx them.

Edit: VERDUGO! 6-1!

Thomas Meunier to Miss International Service With Belgium

Thomas Meunier is having a bounce-back year with BVB, but unfortunately the momentum he’s been building looks to have hit a snag. He needed to be subbed off on Saturday against Augsburg with an injury, and now it appears that this injury will carry at least through the international break.

Hopefully it’s just a minor knock, and he can recover in time to face Mainz on the 16th.

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Are you watching the MLB playoffs? What team are you rooting for?