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The Daily Bee (January 6, 2021): Hans-Joachim Watzke Blames Jadon Sancho’s dip in Form on Manchester United Rumors

The Dortmund CEO says Sancho has “subconsciously” left the club

Borussia Dortmund v VfL Wolfsburg - Bundesliga Photo by Alexandre Simoes/Borussia Dortmund via Getty Images

Good morning, Fear the Wall.

Jadon Sancho has gotten off to a rather poor start this season, with only one goal and four assists in the Bundesliga. If he keeps this up all season, he would have less than half the goals and assists that he notched last season.

Borussia Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke spoke to Kicker recently, and gave an explanation for why he believes Sancho has been struggling:

Jadon had probably already subconsciously prepared himself a little bit for a change,” Watzke told German magazine Kicker. He argued that Sancho had checked out mentally at the start of the season due to his rumored transfer to Manchester United.

Jadon had probably already subconsciously prepared himself a little bit for a change... I think he had at least thought about it so much that he lost his fluency. But I’ve felt he’s been trying very hard for weeks. Things will pick up again very quickly. He is still one of the greatest talents there is.

Hopefully Watzke’s suspicions are correct and Sancho returns to his glorious form from last season. His underlying numbers already suggest that he’s playing okay, and that he’s due for some positive regression. If Borussia Dortmund are to make a serious run at the Bundesliga or the Champions League, Sancho will need to do whatever it takes to raise his form back to the level we expect.

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