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The Neon Collection - Borussia Dortmund’s Response to #TheDress?

WARNING: Images below are of a bright nature and may cause heated debate among viewers.

The year was 2015 and everyone was simply losing their minds over the color of a dress. Whether you were Team White/Gold or Team Black/Blue split society as people continued to weigh in on #TheDress and how people could see such different colors introduced many to the concept of “color constancy.” The website defines its namesake as such: Color Constancy is the ability to perceive colors of objects, invariant to the color of the light source. (“What is Color Constancy?,” n.d.) Fast forward, and now we find the BVB Online FanShop adding their submission to the color constancy debate by introducing the Neon Collection.

Even Dortmund player Reinier Jesus Carvalho seems equally puzzled as to the true color of the hoodie.

BVB is instantly recognizable by their legendary team colors so to throw a variant into the mix seems somewhat surprising. The description of the neon hoodie itself purports the color to be “bright neon yellow” ( and the images certainly lead one to the same conclusion. When reached for comment, Jennifer Duwensee (BVB-Serviceteam) stated “The hoodie is neon yellow.”

We, at Fear the Wall, are divided on this topic with some saying it is undoubtedly neon yellow, others neon green and a third group who contend it is neon yellow green! This fan couldn’t resist and had to take the hoodie from the collection for a test drive. Upon receipt of the neon hoodie, its actual color was immediately called into question. Is the hoodie truly neon yellow or is it, in fact, neon green?

What color do you see in the photos below? Sound off in the comments to weigh in on The Neon Collection debate.

Yellow? Green? A bit of both?
Sarah M. Sekac
Could it just be the lighting? Here, the hoodie is most definitely neon yellow.
Sarah M. Sekac
Spotted: Almost irrefutable proof the hoodie is neon green?
Sarah M. Sekac