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The Daily Bee (September 8, 2020): Thomas Delaney vs England

The Danish Don Stifles the English

Denmark v England - UEFA Nations League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Good morning, Fear the Wall.

Let’s recap some international football!

Mega-Alpha Thomas Delaney vs The Beta Entire Country of England

Thomas Delaney, First of his Name, the Norse God of Yellow Cards, Breaker of Ankles, and Bane of Progressive Passes everywhere, singlehandedly stifled the proud footballing nation of England yesterday, taming the Three Lions and bringing forth every ounce of dollar store football shit-housery that we Dortmund fans have come to know and love. It was not football, but England’s players that were “coming home,” spotted with bruised ankles and bloody shins.

Now we all like to meme about Delaney’s defensive capabilities and offensive ineptitude, but his performance against England was, in all seriousness, pretty impressive, and not just in terms of physicality. He was everywhere on the pitch drawing fouls, intercepting passes, and drawing the strings along with Christian Eriksen. Delaney’s performance in midfield was exactly what he needed to earn some appearances with BVB this season.

Axel Witsel Scores for Belgium

Belgium rolled over Iceland 5-1, and Borussia Dortmund’s Axel Witsel got on the scoresheet. A free kick from Dries Mertens struck the post and bounced back straight to Witsel, who swung his foot at it. Although his connection wasn’t great, and the Icelandic defender nearly cleared the shot off the line, it was enough to trickle across the goal line and draw level.

The Daily Buzz

Did any players, either for BVB or otherwise, stand out to you during the international break?