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The Daily Bee (August 5, 2020): Borussia Dortmund and Manchester United “Far Apart” on Sancho

Borussia Dortmund - Training Session Photo by Alex Gottschalk/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

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This week, on Jadon Sancho: Will he Stay or Will he go?

It’s been quite a chaotic few days in the Jadon Sancho transfer saga. On August 3, a few big-name journalists like Christian Falk and Fabrizio Romano reported that Sancho and Manchester United had agreed to personal terms, and that all that was left was for BVB and United to work out a transfer fee.

David Ornstein is a football correspondent for the Athletic over in the UK, and is considered one of the more trustworthy journalists when it comes to transfer rumors. He has quashed the rumors that Sancho and Man United have agreed to personal terms. He has also revealed that United and Dortmund are far apart in terms of their transfer valuation and don’t seem very close to agreeing to a transfer fee.

Normally Fabrizio Romano is pretty trustworthy, but Ornstein is actually based in the UK and has a solid reputation, so I’d tend towards believing him. Dortmund are requesting €120 million and don’t seem too willing to budge. United, on the other hand, are offering around €90-100 million, and aren’t willing to go much higher. It remains to be see who, if anybody, will fold in the end.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Sancho won’t eventually go to United this window, but it does indicate that there’s a chance he’ll stick around one more year. It would be a huge boost for BVB’s title chances if they had Sancho to help lead BVB’s attack.

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Let’s see, how do I ask “Do you think Sancho will stay around this summer” for the fifteenth time and still make it sound like an original question? How about this: do you think Sancho will not stay around this summer?