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The Daily Bee (August 2, 2020): Let’s Check in on Bayern Munich

The rumor mill is in full swing.

FC Bayern Muenchen - Training Session Photo by M. Donato/FC Bayern via Getty Images

Good morning, Fear the Wall.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I spent approximately 20 hours watching the NHL playoffs while gradually making my way through an entire birthday cake, so my weekend was almost perfect.

Bayern fans had a decent weekend too. Their team beat Marseille 1-0 in a friendly, and perhaps more importantly, Chelsea were actually ravaged by injuries in the FA cup final, and it looks like both Christian Pulisic, who has become one of Chelsea’s best players, and Cezar Azpilacueta, will miss the second leg of the Champions League against Bayern.

While BVB have been locking horns with Manchester United over the future of Jadon Sancho, Bayern are involved in a few transfer sagas of their own. Let’s see what’s going on.

David Alaba to Barcelona?

FC Bayern Muenchen - Training Session Photo by M. Donato/FC Bayern via Getty Images

I’ve seen this one being tossed around a lot over on BFW and on a few Barcelona fan sites. Alaba’s agent has been very vocal about Alaba’s willingness to move to Barcelona but to be honest, I have my doubts. Barcelona’s finances are putrid right now, and Alaba’s agent is reportedly demanding massive wages in the realm of €20 million per year. Barca can’t possibly afford these wages, let alone the substantial fee that Bayern would request. My guess is that this is more of a negotiating tactic to get Bayern’s management to agree to a higher salary for Alaba.

Thiago Alcantara to Liverpool?

This one, on the other hand, has some substance to it. According to an article in Sky Sports, Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rumenigge has confirmed that Thiago wants to depart the club, and it looks like Liverpool may be his preferred destination. The Reds are looking for reinforcements in midfield, and Thiago would be a perfect fit. The deal would reportedly be fairly cheap, at around €30 million, which pales in comparison to what some other English clubs are spending right now. Liverpool aren’t the only club interested in Thiago. PSG have also reportedly entered the race for Thiago.

Thiago has been messaging his desire to leave for a while now, so it seems a question of when and where, not if.

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