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The Daily Bee (August 26, 2020): Lionel Messi Demands Transfer

And Jude Bellingham makes the England U-21s


Good morning, Fear the Wall.

Lionel Messi Demands to Leave Barcelona

This is a momentous occasion in football history. Yesterday, Lionel Messi, who has been the face of FC Barcelona for years, has requested a transfer. While it was initially theorized that this was just a bargaining chip to try to get Josep Bartomeu, the club’s chairman, to resign, there are reports today that it is indeed not a bargaining chip, and that Messi wants to leave regardless of whether or not Bartomeu resigns.

He apparently has a couple destinations in mind, with Manchester City and Inter Milan being near the top of the list. Messi has reportedly been in contact with Pep Guardiola at Manchester City about a potential transfer.

Jude Bellingham Makes the England U-21s

Our lad Jude Bellingham has received his first call-up to the England U-21s. For a 17 year old to make the U-21s, especially in England where their youth system is so stacked, is a very remarkable achievement.

The Daily Buzz

Where do you think Messi will end up?