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The Daily Bee (June 25, 2020): Lucien Favre is Here to Stay

BVB’s manager will stick around one more year.

RB Leipzig v Borussia Dortmund - Bundesliga Photo by Alexandre Simoes/Borussia Dortmund via Getty Images

Good Morning, Fear the Wall.

Lucien Favre Gets Another Shot

Multiple sources have reported that Lucien Favre will remain as Borussia Dortmund’s manager through next season. It was widely believed that, with BVB faltering down the stretch, that Michael Zorc and Hans-Joachim Watzke would look to move on and find another manager to replace Favre. While BVB were apparently interested in RB Leipzig manager Julian Nagelsmann, he won’t be available for next season. So rather than take an unnecessary risk on a less-established manager, BVB have decided to back their man Favre.

We may have our frustrations with Favre, but sometimes I feel like the criticisms of him are overblown. This season, Borussia Dortmund have scored more goals than any other side in Dortmund’s history, and ever since Favre made a tactical adjustment by switching to a 3-4-3, BVB have been clinical in the Bundesliga. If Dortmund can carry over their success from the second half of the season, they should be able to at least compete with Bayern next season, and given how good the Bavarians are, that’s about all you can expect from a Dortmund manager.

Turner Drops the Champions League

For those of you in Europe or elsewhere in the world that might not know, here in the United States, watching the Champions League over the last year and a half has been an ordeal. They only air one game per match day on TNT, Turner’s only cable channel. To stream a game, you would’ve had to log in to SN Nation and pay $2.99 for a stream that would inevitably crash three or four times while lagging several minutes behind the rest of the world. Meanwhile, in between play you’d have to listen to Americans ramble on about which European player is the best comparison to Lebron James, in between former NBA star Steve Nash losing his mind every time Tottenham scored a goal.

With Turner dropping out, it’s unclear which network will carry the Champions League for the remainder of the season. CBS Sports are currently contracted to start coverage of the UCL in the Fall of 2021, so they seem like the logical candidate to snap it up early. Regardless of which network eventually picks it up, we can all be thankful that we won’t have to sit through broken streams and nonsensical commentary any more.

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