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Dortmund Match Preview: Dusseldorf are Dussel-done-for


We are coming down the homestretch of the Bundesliga season. Our second to last away game of the season is this weekend as the Black and Yellows travel to Dusseldorf. Reus is still not fit to play and Haaland is a maybe for making the 18. Last time we played Fortuna Dusseldorf we won 5-0. If we win here and Either Leverkusen or BMG lose then we almost secure top UCL for next season.

By now we know almost definitely who Favre will roll out game to game. We should see a three man back line with Akanji-Hummels and Piz. With Hummels back we wont be as sluggish passing from the back as we were last week. Hakimi and Raph should be the wingbacks yet again. With Hakimi most likely going back to Madrid this may be one of the last times we see him play for BVB. In the midfield we will can get the Can and Witsel double pivot yet again. These two work great with each other and play off each others strengths well. With Hummels behind them, this triangle of veteran players keeps BVB in possession consistently throughout the game. The front three of Sancho-Hazard-Brandt will do well against a Dusseldorf defense that has allowed 60 goals this season.

Dusseldorf have had a rough run in the Bundesliga this year. They’ve struggled to escape the bottom of the table and now are at the end of a relegation fight. Any points they can get in these last four games will put them in a better position to avoid a relegation playoff or straight relegation. With a fight against two other relegation contenders and a Leipzig team that doesn’t have top 4 wrapped up, we may be the team with least at stake against Dusseldorf. This doesn't mean that BVB will let up vs Dusseldorf. While Fortuna will almost definitely play for a tie from out the gates, BVB can’t afford to waste their possession like they did in the first half vs Paderborn and Hertha.

Just like against Paderborn; BVB will have to be aware of the break. Rouwen Hennings has 18 goals for Fortuna this season. He will be the one to watch out for. For those looking for a USMNT angle, unfortunately Goalkeeper Zach Steffan is hurt and will not play. That leaves Gio Reyna the lone American available to play the game for other side.

So how do you feel about the game? Predicated lineups? Did I jinx us by giving the article a dumb headline?