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Fear The Pod: Talking Stats with Adam Darowski

Fear The Pod has its first guest, and he is here to talk about statistics. Can you feel the anticipation?


Back once again for the renegade master, D4 damager, power to the people! In the latest episode of Fear The Pod, we’re joined by FB Ref’s Adam Darowski, to discuss football analytics, his love of Borussia Dortmund and the Bundesliga, and to give our thoughts on this season’s best performers (so far).

Not only is Adam our first guest and a great source for BVB analytics, he’s also one of the nicest people you’ll find on Twitter. So I’d encourage you all to give him a follow (@fussballtwit), and to read his work discussing Borussia Dortmund, the Bundesliga, and football analytics on his website. He is also an active member of the FTW Discord, and ready to discuss all things Lukas Piszczek!

Fear The Pod has emerged from its cocoon as a beautiful podcast butterfly. Not only have we made it to 5 whole episodes, but we even have guests now! In the wise words of M People:

I’m moving on up

You’re moving on out

Time to break free

Nothing can stop me

We’re only a week away from the return of the Bundesliga, and the Revierderby, so be sure to stay tuned, as there will be more Fear The Pod coming over the next two weeks.

As ever, please download, like, share, and subscribe on whatever your platform of choice might be. If you have any feedback or suggestions for episodes, it’s always welcome. Enjoy!