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BVB Match Preview:Dortmund look to avenge embarrassing tie vs last place squad

Borussia Dortmund Training Session Photo by Alexandre Simoes/Borussia Dortmund via Getty Images

The Bundesliga quarantine restart continues. Dortmund will travel to Paderborn for some Sunday evening action. Paderborn are currently bottom of the table with 19 points. They are all but guaranteed to go down this season. That being said BVB should not let up. We may be out of it for the title but we still have pride to play for.

Favre has run the same lineup 3 games in a row. This week he will not be able to do that as Haaland and Dahoud are hurt and will need to be replaced. The backline will probably be the Hummels-Piz-Akanji back three we have been seeing. If Raph and Hakimi are fit they will start as wingbacks. If Witsel is still hurt our double pivot should be Can and Delaney. Up front Hazard would do best as striker. On the wings, Brandt should be paired with whoever we have healthy. If Sancho is finally fit to start he is the obvious choice. If not Reyna will probably be given the opportunity.

Paderborn have managed 3 ties in their last three games. They will surely try to make this game a slug fest. Their two forwards Manda and Srbeny have 6 and 5 goals a piece this season. They both look to run on the break and score on FK opportunities. As long as BVB don’t let Paderborn force us into tactical fouls we should be fine against them.

On whether we can score against Paderborn the answer is ...yes. This team has more then enough fire power to flatten this squad. However after a debilitating Bayern loss my worry is that we see the defeated BVB we saw the last time we played Paderborn. Last time we played we tied 3-3. We needed a last minute Reus goal just to eek out the tie. Honestly this is the game that should have gotten Favre fired. Its safe to say with rumors swirling he will not be coming back next year, a loss here to Paderborn could lead to a early exit.

What do you think the best line up/game plan is for Paderborn.