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Dortmund Match report: Good Der Klassiker ruined by Ref no-call

Borussia Dortmund v FC Bayern Muenchen - Bundesliga Photo by Federico Gambarini/Pool via Getty Images

Another fan-less Pandemic match day is in the books. This time around Bayern beat us 1-0 at home with a loan Joshua Kimmich shot the difference maker.

The first half had some of the best, most exciting play between these two sides I’ve ever seen. BVB were getting their pick of chances and held most possession while Bayern were scary on the break. If that sounds weird I wouldn't blame you, it was very much a reversal of our usual games. Despite the open play BVB could not make the most of their chances and they would pay for it. The Bayern goal came right before the half. Joshua Kimmich scored a objectively great curler around Burki. Roman got a hand on the ball but it wasn’t enough. The half ended 1-0.

The second half was much more in Bayern’s favor. Dortmund did not have many good chances. Our best chance came from Haaalnd putting a shot on target that Jerome Boateng deflected with his arm. The play was clearly a handball but because VAR is inadequate or BVB took the corner too quickly the call was not made.

The rest of the half was mostly a slog. There were several yellows and Dortmund’s non-offsides chance’s were an FK earned from a soft tackle and two silly Dahoud shots.

Overall a tale of two halves this game. The first half was fun. Delaney and Mo looked great, something I would not believe had you told me before the Bundli restart. Brandt was weak and had one of his worse games of the season. Raph, who had come in big for us since the restart was largely absent after the first half as well. Haaland played well but an injury forced him to come off early. Hopefully whatever he hurt was not to severe. Piz had an incredible match. Not only was he a tackling machine but he cleared the ball a shot off the line with a backheel. Easily the highlight of the match for me.

Favre’s refusal to change out gameplan when things started to not go our way was unsurprising. All season this team has not had a backup plan hen things fall apart. Even our hot streak from Feburary onward was only because we started strongly each game. We even had a halftime break to change how we would play with Bayern a goal up and Favre just couldn’t get it figured out.

So, the league is just about over with Bayern leading by 7. How are we feeling about the game?