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Dortmund Post Match Report: BVB keep their victory streak going against Wolfsburg.

VfL Wolfsburg v Borussia Dortmund - Bundesliga

VB have won their second game o the Bundesliga restart, taking a 2-0 vicotry away to Wolfsburg. The win puts us at 57 points on the Bundesliga table. The BVB goals were from Raphael Guerreiro(32’) and Achraf Hakimi(78’).

The first half was a continuation of our good form from last week. Our midfield and defense managed to limit what Wolfsburg could do. Despite Wolfsburg pressing all half they did not get any breakaways that led to good chances. Our attacking players and fullbacks had some trouble creating open opportunists but they did come. Our goal was created by Hakimi running up the side getting the ball to Hazard, who then played it off to Haaland for the easy tap in. Haaland however totally whiffed the shot(no he didn’t do it on purpose) and the ball instead went to Raph Guerreiro for the tap in. The first half didn’t see many more chances and ended 1-0.

The second half was a bit wilder then the first. Hummels came off due to a minor injury. Wolfsburg totally took over the pace of the match from the start of the half. Dortmund managed to break a few times but until the 78th minutes the breaks led only to empty corners. Wolfsburg never made anything of their chances fortunately. Achraf Hakimi got our second goal when Sancho and him broke down the field. Sancho laid it off to Hakimi and he finished it at a tough angle. The crucial point of the second half was Wolfsburgs Felix Klaus getting a red from VAR in the 82nd minute. While his stomp on Akanji was soft, Wolfsburg were playing aggressive and dirty all game when the ref had stopped play early in the game to give team warnings. If Wolfsburg had played cleaner the video assistant may have been more willing to give Klaus the benefit of the doubt.

Hummels coming off was a big turning point this match. We were so much sloppier at the back without him. It was harder to defend plus we didn’t have as many passing opportunities from the back. Hopefully the precautionary injury he came off with doesn’t prevent him from playing 90 vs Bayern. Our fullbacks were on fire today. Raph and Hakimi both scored and played great on both sides of the ball. They locked down Wolfsburg anytime they went to the wings and both we always ahead of the ball on every break. Both Akanji and Dahoud had good games today. Both players have been disappointing this year but they managed to deal well with the Wolfsburg press.

So 3 points today keeps us within reach of the championship heading into the Bayern match. Overall I’d say no matter how we got there I’m happy with that result. How do you feel about todays game?