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Dortmund Match Recap: BVB easily take the Revierderby 4-0

The Bundesliga restart is off to a good start for BVB

Borussia Dortmund v FC Schalke 04 - Bundesliga Photo by Martin Meissner/Pool via Getty Images

Well the first game of the Bundesliga restart is in the bag. We took a easy 4-0 victory over Schalke at home putting us at 54 points on the Bundesliga table. The BVB goal scorers were Erling Haaland(29’), Thorgan Hazard(48’), and Raphael Guerrerio(45’,63’).

The first half was complete domination by BVB. We took most of the possession and didn't allow Schalke get many run into our box. Both time’s Schalke looked dangerous in the half they were tackled off the ball handily. BVB’s first goal came from Erling Haaland. Haaland had already had two good chances before this goal so it definitely felt like only a matter of time until he sunk one in. The goal was created by Julian Brandt who layed it off to Thorgan Hazard for the cross to a running Haaland for the easy touch in. The second goal came from Raphael Guerreiro who also was assisted by Julian Brandt. He made a great run after Schubert made a mistake, the slotted it past the 04 keeper with ease.

The second half started just as well as the first ended. Thorgan Hazard scored the perfect BVB goal to start the half. Hazard and Julian Brandt made a classic BVB break that Thorgan finished with a laser of a shot outside the box. Our 4th goal of the game also came from Raph Guerreiro who was allowed onside shockingly by 04 and scored a outside the boot hit. Anytime Schalke looked like they may get into the game they faulted within 1-2 minutes. The game ended 4-0, Schalke made no last push at the end, completely defeated.

Overall a good showing for BVB. I think we looked a lot better then we are because Schalke were dreadful, but overall this match leaves me hopeful for the rest of the season. Dahoud and Delaney filled in well as starting midfielders. Hopefully this team can beat its injury bug with Reyna also now being hurt. Julian Brandt was probably our MOTM, getting 2 assists and a hockey assist. Raph, Haaland, Hummels and Hazard all played at a 9/10 level. This team just did not look as rusty as you would expect.

Football is going to be weird without fans this summer. The empty stadium was definitely a strange site. It was cool to hear the players trash talking each other and the ref giving his ruling but I’d still rather fans then access. We did get the players applauding the wall at the end of the game which was a fun touch. They even made sure they were distanced from each other as they did it.

How do you feel about the game today?