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The Daily Bee(May 14th 2020): Highlights from Favre/Zorc pre-game presser

  • A social distanced Presser

Favre and Zorc game their standard pre-game presser this morning, all over the internet. Despite the remote nature of the presser it still ended up being a standard affair for these things. Favre confirmed that Can and Witsel are definitely out for the game. Without two of our crucial midfielders things will definitely be harder for us Saturday.

There were a couple of other statements of note. Favre said that the team has adjusted to staying in the hotel fine and that there hasn’t been a problem. Zorc went further and said that since the match date has been announced the spirits on the squad have been high. Both Favre and Zorc sung the praises of team psychologist Phillip Lax, whose presence is important for guiding staff/players through trying times.

A funny note, Favre was very happy to see 5 subs being allowed in games. Since he is infamous for holding our subs its interesting he would comment about 5 subs use.