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The Daily Bee (April 8th, 2020): Reus talks about Bayern offer and advises Sancho to stay

Can the captain convince Sancho to stay around?

Borussia Dortmund v Paris Saint-Germain - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: First Leg Photo by DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Even though Marco Reus lacks the “mia-san-mia”-factor he has now confirmed that he actually had an offer from Bayern Munich in 2012 and chose Borussia Dortmund instead. However, for Reus Bayern was never really an option as he reveals it was BVB or a move abroad:

“The request came (from Bayern), as did from other clubs. I have the greatest respect for Bayern Munich and what the club has been doing for decades. But I always wanted to play for BVB. It was always the club my heart drew me to. When I played in Gladbach at the time, it was clear to me: within the Bundesliga, I only transfer to Dortmund, otherwise I go abroad. That’s how I discussed it with my agent Dirk Hebel, and that’s how we implemented it. [..] It has always been my dream to play for BVB. Here I have everything to be happy: my home, my family, my club. And this feeling has always prevailed - even if another country with a different culture might have been attractive.”

Asked about Jadon Sancho and a possible departure from BVB, Reus would recommend him to stay with Dortmund for a couple more years before he moves on:

“(...)to stay another, maybe two years at BVB. In my view, there is currently nothing better for him. Then he can take the big step. As an even more complete player who will continue to develop with us as an absolute regular player.”

Borussia Dortmund have been regularly linked with Gremio Porto Alegre player Everton over the last few years and according to Globo Esporte the black and yellows have once again contacted the winger. The Brazilian international could be a potential replacement for Jadon Sancho if he were to leave. Ironically BVB would have to battle Premier League side FC Everton for Everton who are said to be also interested in the 24-year-old.

Roman Bürki has talked to kicker about several topics, mostly about the current situation for the players and teams and his negotiations with Borussia Dortmund about a contract extensions:

“The club and I have decided together that we will only resume talks after this difficult time. At the moment there are more important things. But between Dortmund and me it was never a question of money anyway.”

And the prospect of possibly playing behind doors for the rest of the season and what it means for the players:

“When we played in Paris we heard the fans outside the stadium very loudly. It was not pleasant to play like that. But if that is the only way to play, then we have to play without spectators. I have the feeling that, in the current situation, people also enjoy it on TV. As a player, you will have to prepare yourself for it. In Paris, for example, none of us could do what he can do. I am convinced that if we would have put as much pressure in front of the full ranks as we did in the empty stadium, then the mood would have pushed us even more. That would have brought out extra percentages.“