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Daily Bee(April 30th,2020): COVID updates and stupid transfer rumors

Borussia Dortmund Training Session Photo by Alexandre Simoes/Borussia Dortmund via Getty Images
  • Meetings on Bundesliga today

Today the DFL and National/Local politicians will be having meetings on the possibility of resuming the Bundesliga this month. After today's meetings we will have a better idea of whether the government will allow the league to start up again. At the moment the expected start date of the league is 5/16 or 5/23. If the decision takes too much longer and the league can’t get underway by the 23rd I’m not so sure the league will return. The DFL has stated he season is over by 6/30 no mater the circumstance. Playing 9 games in under a month when the teams have had light training only for 2 months is a hard ask. Ideally by the end of today w will know the fate of the season but this could stretch out to as far as 5/6 according to RNBVB.

  • Ansu Fati rumor

The print edition of Spanish paper Sport reported today that BVB could be looking at Barcelona winger Ansu Fati as a replacement for Jadon Sancho. Fati is a 17 year old who has come up through La Masia and has generated quite a bit of buzz the past year. He has 4 goals and an a assist in just over 600 minutes played in La Liga this season.

While Fati would be a fine addition to BVB lets call this rumor what it is, pure fiction. With world football’s finances being up in the air due to COVID-19 it is very unlikely Man U or anyone else is going to bid for Sancho. There is no sign of Sancho trying to force his way out, and Watzke has stated no interest in letting him go this summer. Looks like Sport is just trying to sell papers while there is no games to play. For once, I can’t be mad at tabloids making up rumors. They are hurting like everyone else and they are at least giving us something to talk about.