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Update On Bundesliga status April 23rd

German Football League General Assembly Photo by Arne Dedert/Pool/Getty Images

After DFL meetings on Monday many were hopeful we could see Bundesliga return on May 9th. Since there have been more meetings between DFL officials and local politicians to get a better idea of when and how the Bundesliga could be restarted among the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a presser earlier today Christian Seifert said “If we start on 9 May, we are ready. If it is later, we will be ready again,” and deferred to politicians to make the choice when the league can restart.

The DFL task force put in charge of getting games back together have created initial plans for what much be done for games to restart. First that there can be only 300 people at the stadium, including the area surrounding the stadium, during a match. They theoretically split the stadium into three parts where 100 people can be in at a time; the field, the stadium itself, and the surrounding area. The field would be for players, refs, mangers and support staff. The stadium would have to be used by league officials, and ideally filming crews so these games could be played. I don’t think the Bundesliga would try to continue the season if they couldn't get the games on broadcast. The money lost from media contracts is crucial to clubs in the top two tiers of Buindesliga football. The surrounding area portion of the stadium would be what I’d imagine are security to keep fans away from the stadium. It is unfortunate but fans will definitely try to get near stadiums when games return and the DFL and local police need to plan for it.

The task force finds that around 20,000 tests would be needed to test everyone needed for gameday activities. While Germany has been ahead of the curve in testing that is still a big ask for a non essential activity. This will probably be the biggest limiting factor in getting the league back underway

Honestly I do not think the Bundesliga should rush to return. I understand that we all want football back and we miss BVB dearly but the risks are too high. If anyone is put at undue risk due to the games coming back it cannot be worth it. The players have been training together already but once they come into contact with more people they are not just putting themselves at risk but also their families. Even today German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that we are only at the beginning of this crisis.

One way or another the Bundesliga will return. It is on us to be patient and do our part in helping flatten the curve and containing the virus.