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The Daily Bee( March 26th 2020): BVB to give money to struggling German clubs amidst pandemic

Borussia Dortmund v Paris Saint-Germain - UEFA Champions League Photo by Baptiste Fernandez/Icon Sport via Getty Images
  • Doing the right thing

The world is pretty scary place right now and its hard to tell how far reaching the impacts of COVID-19 will be. There has been worry in Germany over how smaller clubs will stay afloat without any ticket or TV revenue. Luckily in Germany there has always been a tradition of clubs helping each other out in hard finical times. BVB, Bayern, Leverkusen and Leipzig are all prepared to give €20 million away to smaller clubs that are struggling during the pandemic. This is already in addition to the 45 million the DFB has set up to help clubs in need.

Its nice to see in these trying times clubs helping each-other out. If it had not been for Bayern bailing BVB out in the aughts there may be no BVB. Its nice to see us passing on that kindness.

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