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The Daily Bee (March 20th, 2020): No Bundesliga until next year?

German virologist claims that’s a possibility

Everyday Life In Germany Impacted By Coronavirus Fears Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images

German virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit claimed in an interview with NDR-”Sportclub” that we could be without football for a lot longer than initially thought. The expert on the matter thinks the sport can resume in Germany next year at the earliest:

“I firmly believe that this will not happen until next year to the same extent. I don’t think it’s realistic that the season can be completed. Even closed door matches would tempt people to want to meet again and watch it together. That’s why I believe that the decision to let football games take place again can only be made at the end. I think there are many, many other things that have to be decided earlier if you can loosen the screws at all.”

This is definitely the worst case scenario but ultimately a realistic one. Nevertheless, this would have some major ramifications for virtually every single football club in Europe.

Infamous Italian player agent Mino Raiola is known for flashy comments and controversial methods to get what he wants, who doesn’t remember the “table flipping incident” back when he tried to convince BVB to sell Henrikh Mkhitaryan to Manchester United. However, Raiola believes Haaland is doing well in Dortmund and thinks the star striker will continue to wear black and yellow, at least for one more season:

“It’s great to see him play and to see how he develops in every game. Nobody thought that his adaptation to the Bundesliga and the Champions League in a team like Borussia Dortmund would be like that. No one expected it. It’s not easy to go from Austria to Germany and show that level. He has a lot to improve yet. He’ll be at Dortmund for as long as he needs to be. It’s true that he is a footballer who is anticipating the stages of growth faster than you might think. I don’t think that when he left Salzburg it was the right time, but... I don’t think he’ll be leaving Dortmund this summer.”

This was probably always gonna happen, Haaland does have a realease clause in his contract but it is not active this summer so any club that wants him would have to pay an exorbitant amount. Considering the financial damage that most clubs will suffer becuase of the delays and cancellations we probably won’t see many high profile transfer anyway.

  • Hummels talks about his return to BVB (11 Freunde)

In an interview with 11 Freunde Mats Hummels has talked about his return to Dortmund and the differences between Bayern and BVB. Hummels return to BVB has always been controversial but the defender hopes that his play has at least somewhat helped with his critics:

“People should see that I give my all on the pitch and that I do everything to ensure that the team is successful. I think that convinced many people relatively quickly, but certainly not everyone.”

The centre-back credits the atmosphere in the stadium as one of the reasons why he came back:

“I was up for this atmosphere here in the stadium. We have had several games this season that I enjoyed immensely. (…) I came back for such moments that I go home after a game and I’m just euphoric.”

He also talked about the differences between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund:

“Above all, it produces less euphoria when you win so often. If we were to become champions seven times with Borussia Dortmund, the seventh championship celebration will not be as exhilarating as the first. From a sporting point of view, it is very exciting to be under constant pressure, that second place is not acceptable. I think it’s good, and it also led us to become champions with Bayern, even though we were nine points behind last season.”