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The Daily Bee (March 19th, 2020):Watzke clarifies past comments.

Coronavirus - DFL general meeting in Frankfurt Photo by Arne Dedert/picture alliance via Getty Images
  • Watzke on the interview circuit

BVB CEO Hans-Joachim is spending his down time during the pandemic giving quite a few interviews. Earlier in the week Watzke made some comments some found controversial about ghost games. Specifically he said there should be ghost games played to finish the season, controversial because players have been diagnosed throughout the top 5 leagues with COVID-19. In an interview with 11Freunde he re-iterated that he does believe ghost games to be played because players are not in danger from getting seriously ill. First, this isn’t exactly true as people as young as 31 have been hospitalized in Italy. Second the issue is who those players could infect themselves if it were to spread among them. I get that Watzke is worried about the finances of the team. It was only 12 years ago we were in the gutter financially. He does need to come to terms with the season most likely not resuming until mid summer or not at all.

If there is a bright spot in this interview, Watzke did commit to making sure none of the 850 BVB employees would be let go. Gotta take these wins where you can get them.

  • BMG players show solidarity within their club

BMG players, coaches and execs are chipping in to make sure their employees are looked after during the pandemic. So many are losing work due to the pandemic, its good to see all the big money makers at the club watch out for the staff who support them every day.

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