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The Daily Bee (March 13th 2020): Bundesliga irresponsible for letting matchday continue

First professional soccer player to test positive for coronavirus Photo by Peter Steffen/picture alliance via Getty Images
  • Covid-19 measures finally taken

Well we all know the news by now. Almost all major sports in Europe and the US have been suspended this week as officials try to stop the spread of Covid—19. One of the lone outliers is the Bundesliga who plan to play their games this weekend behind closed doors. With the amount of players getting the virus around the globe this is is a confusing move for the Bundi. Especially since Hannover players have been infected. Reports are that now Fabian Nurnberger on from FC Nurnberg(good surname/team name combo there) is infected after playing Hannover last week.

The answer for the Bundesliga is clear. This weekends matched must be called off. There is no need to put the players at risk at this time. Since all reports lead to the Bundi calling off the season after this matchday there is no benefit to playing these matches.

The Reiverderby is one of the greatest fixtures in all of sport. It is not worth putting even one person in danger.

I know the comments sections have been lively the past few days.(and we’ve been posting less due to some of the madness). Thank you all for keeping things civil and mostly positive as things develop.