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Dortmund Match Recap: Dortmund get their revenge against Bremen

A 2-0 win away is a good feeling for this BVB squad

SV Werder Bremen v Borussia Dortmund - Bundesliga Photo by Max Maiwald/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Dortmund beat Werder Bremen away 2-0 today in a convincing win. The 2 BVB goals came from Dan Axel Zagadou and Erling Haaland. BVB now sit tied for 2nd on the table with RBL with one more game played.

The first half was mostly full of dreadful football. In the rain both teams had trouble making much of their possession. Werder Bremen had two really good FK opportunists outside the box in the half, one right at the start of the game and one around the 30’ mark. Both were stopped easily by BVB which was a nice surprise for this squad. Not much more of note happened in the half. Zagadou and Witsel made some good tackles to disposes Werder.Our best run came from Raph who ended up being offsides. Rainy weather makes for an awful show.

Luckily in the second half the rain stopped and the football started. BVB came on fire right out of the gates. Our first goal of the game came in the 52 second minute when Sancho took a corner that got right to Zagadou who finished it cleanly. Zagadou totally outmatched his man and his finish could have fooled you he was a striker. BVB kept their foot on the gas and scored another 14 minutes later. Sancho made a run down the sideline and made a beautiful pass to Hakimi who cut the ball back to Haaland for a short range rocket into the net. Dortmund kept the pressure up but were not able to score any more goals the rest of the half. The only notable actions were chances from Reyna, Hakimi and Haaland.

Overall a great show from Dortmund. A far cry from out Pokal match vs Werder. We looked much more like we did vs PSG earlier this week. While I’m not crazy about Favre not rotating we managed to get the job done. Favres lack of subs this game was a much bigger disappointment. If you are going to run the same lineup out make subs at decent times in the game. He pretends like he cant make subs until garbage time and that will get our players fatigued if not hurt.

Our backline did a phenomenal job today, especially Hummels and Zagadou. Zagadou especially looks like he has taken the leap recently, his stupid mistakes are a thing of the past and his tackles are pinpoint perfect. Sancho with his assist and hockey assist controlled the game and would be my MOTM. Witsel Can is a midfield due that works great. I hate to say it but with Zagadou playing great and Witsel-Can working we should probably have Brandt move up the field as a winger or AM again even though he played great centrally.

So how do we all feel about the game today?