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Fear The Pod: Later than a Klinsmann Resignation

Even the best-laid plans unravel... But in our case we’re just stupid


We had it all figured out. We’d discuss Friday’s game, and look ahead to the PSG game coming up on Tuesday. We’d record on Sunday, and we’d post before the Champions League fixture kicked off. But here we are, stuck in some sort of limbo, offering you a podcast that looks ahead to a game in the past. We’ve broken time, and rather than trying to fix it, we went ahead and published anyway, because we didn’t want to waste good material. That’s the kind of world we live in now. All news is fake, and all podcasts exist in an alternate reality where time is not linear. So here you are, consumer, enjoy some nonsense.

This week, Greg & I discussed the Eintracht Frankfurt game, the upcoming Paris Saint-Germain game (look, just deal with it okay, this is where we are now, talking about the game as though it hasn’t happened yet... the sooner you accept it the better), and the latest episode of everyone’s favorite documentary series: “Jurgen Klinsmann is not okay”.

Fear The Pod should now be available on all reputable podcast apps and directories, and perhaps you’ll even find it on the non-reputable ones. Is there a dark-web of podcasting? Where no-one tells you if the content is explicit or not? Who knows. But for all you normies, Fear The Pod is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. It isn’t available on Google Podcasts, but if you’re using Google Podcasts, then you only have yourselves to blame. Get off my back. Anyway, if you still can’t seem to track us down, there is also RSS.

You can also listen to the podcast using the embedded media player below:

As ever, bear with us as we figure out all this “podcasting” nonsense. We are but a gang of old fools trying to exist in this tech-savvy world. We do not belong. Please listen to our rubbish podcast and make us feel better. Your feedback is always welcome. Unless it is bad. In which case, it is not welcome. Please keep it.

Be sure to like, rate, subscribe, follow, and download us on whatever platform you use, in order to help us grow. Enjoy!

UPDATE: The audio on the latest episode was a little messed up (using passive voice as though I didn’t do it... I definitely did). If you listened to the podcast prior to the fix, apologies, but for everyone else, the problem should be solved now. You can enjoy Gregory’s voice without the “shouting to you on a windy day” effect.