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Match Preview: Borussia Dortmund vs Eintracht Frankfurt

Will the Yellow Wall be successful to stop Eagle’s from flying


Borussia Dortmund is the only Bundesliga team which is yet to lose any home game this season. This record will be on stake when the Eagle’s will visit this week. Dortmund is coming back from a disappointing loss at the hands of Bosz’s Bayer Leverkusen and will have a tough challenge in form of a confident Eintracht Frankfurt. This Frankfurt team is coming to Signa Iduna at the back of three wins and a draw in the Bundesliga. They have also knocked out RB Leipzig from DFB Pokal. Dortmund will surely have its hands full.

To be 3-4-3 or not to be

Considering the way in which we had lost our previous match to have a back three against a team which has in form wingers like Kostic who has scored four goals and has provided two assists in last two games and against Chandler whose four goals are second to Haaland is a second best since the end of the winter break along with AC Milan loaned Andre Silva will be a big challenge.

With injury to Brandt Dortmund will have two experienced but slow CDM’s to support the back three where Akanji was least comfortable. His replacement in the form of Piszczek does not have the legs anymore to be a threat. The only way Dortmund can protect itself in this formation is to defend together and not over commit to give space for the opposition to run through. Kostic and Chandler on the wings will be a big threat. If Favre wants to go against his nature of being risk averse he can also play Balerdi tomorrow instead of Akanji.


Favre and his Rotational policy

This is a very crucial game which can give Dortmund a hope to gain on points against Bayern and Leipzig. With the injury to Brandt and Reus, Favre has to make sure that Dortmund plays with complete strength. This will require Favre to stop rotating players irrelevantly. Which means Hazard has to play. We missed him in the last game, he is defensively stronger than Reyna to support the team when it defends and is one of the few players who will take long shots. He has been effective with Sancho and Haaland as well. Young Reyna can come later as a good replacement but we have to be careful in rotating the players according to the need of the hour, something which was missing in the last game.

Yes, we can!

Dortmund is on the verge of breaking the record of most goals (18) in first four games of Rückrunde. A win tomorrow will be the best way to celebrate that record. Dortmund has to be courageous in its defense and attack with confidence. We have all the ingredients to win and keep the pressure on Leipzig and Bayern on the top. What do you think about Dortmund’s chances in the game?