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Three Observations: Eintracht Braunschweig vs. Borussia Dortmund

Dortmund schlepped their way to a 2-0 victory over the almighty Braunschweig. Did anything good happen?

Eintracht Braunschweig v Borussia Dortmund - DFB Cup: Second Round Photo by Oliver Hardt/Getty Images

The DFB Pokal is always a bit of a crapshoot for the lads in black and yellow. Over the past few years, Dortmund has found utter heartbreak multiple times at the hands of Werder Bremen. This season, to get that chance at even more heartbreak, Dortmund had to get past one of the worst teams in 2.Bundesliga, Eintracht Braunschweig. Could BVB survive the team that ousted Hoffenheim from the Pokal several weeks ago? Here are three observations from the match.

This Team Is Heckin’ Tired.

We all know Borussia Dortmund have had a rough run of form in recent times. It arguably helped to oust Lucien Favre, especially when combined with the absence of Erling Haaland. That said, you’d expect a roughed-up Dortmund to still smash a very weak second-tier side. This...didn’t quite occur. The same issues of sluggish play, poor decision-making near the box, and missed shots contributed to a relatively unimpressive win. Dortmund did enough to advance through the competition, but you can tell this team is gassed. They’ve looked fatigued for a while now, and desperately need the upcoming break to get healthier.

Eintracht Braunschweig v Borussia Dortmund - DFB Cup: Second Round Photo by Oliver Hardt/Getty Images

Steffen Tigges Might Be Legit.

The former U23 Dortmund frontman made his senior debut today, and though he wasn’t able to record any goal contributions, put on quite the show. Tigges brings height, strength, and great positioning to the centre-forward position. His runs inside the box were well-considered and he barely missed a number of decent crosses. With additional pitch-time, there’s no reason to think Steffen won’t start connecting on those opportunities. Tigges might be a legitimate option off the bench as a back-up striker, especially if Dortmund can’t afford a transfer in January. In-housing the solution would be pretty cool, all told.

Eintracht Braunschweig v Borussia Dortmund - DFB Cup: Second Round Photo by Oliver Hardt/Getty Images

Jadon Sancho Is Trying Really Hard!

Sancho has been the subject of much controversy lately. With fellow Englishman Jude Bellingham stealing the limelight recently, the expectations for Sancho have only heightened. His performance last season was otherworldly, and Jadon has had a bit of a falling back to Earth. The thing is....Jadon’s trying very hard. You can see him attempting too many things that don’t work, desperate to try and reach his standards from last season. Today, he was finally rewarded for his efforts with a nice goal. In general, Sancho was effective at roaming about the pitch and creating attacking opportunities. If he can get his confidence and swagger back, Dortmund will be a force to be reckoned with.

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