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Saturday Nations League Open Thread

Come watch Raphael Guerreiro, Manuel Akanji, and the rest of BVB’s international crew.

Portugal v Sweden - UEFA Nations League Photo by Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images

We’re officially halfway through the international break. Are your eyes glazing over yet? Are you breathing heavy? Is your mind starting to go numb from the lack of Bundesliga football? Well have no fear, because the Nations League is here. It won’t cure your insatiable appetite for quality football, but it will hold you over for a bit. It’s like the tiny granola bar you eat around 11 am at work, when you’re already hungry but you’ve still got an hour and a half until lunch - it’s just enough to keep you going.

We’ve got some delightful Nations League matchups today, with several featuring Borussia Dortmund players. There are three such big matches, all at 2:45 pm EST:

2:45 pm EST: Germany - Ukraine

2:45 pm EST: Portugal - France

2:45 pm EST: Switzerland - Spain

You’ll get to see Mahmoud Dahoud, Julian Brandt, and Nico Schulz for Germany against Ukraine, Raphael Guerreiro for Portugal against 2018 World Cup winners France, and Manuel Akanji for Switzerland against Spain. These aren’t the only matches today, but they’re the big three. That being said, if you happen to be a Latvia or Faroe Islands fan, let me know!

There will be more matches tomorrow. Stay tuned!