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The Daily Bee (October 9, 2020): Manchester United Submitted Bid for... Nico Schulz???

United almost had their hands on a BVB player, just not the one they thought.

Germany v Turkey - International Friendly
He’s as surprised as we are!
Photo by Mario Hommes/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Good morning, Fear the Wall.

Up until a few days ago, Manchester United were desperately trying to convince Borussia Dortmund to sell Jadon Sancho, one of the best young players in the world, but BVB were adamant that Sancho would stay. The hype was real among Manchester United fans, and understandably so. The prospect of signing Jadon Sancho, a terrifically skilled youngster from England no less, would have been tantalizing. They frequently trumpeted the apparently inevitable transfer online, frequently filling the replies to Borussia Dortmund’s official Twitter account with the hashtag #FreeSancho, and worshipping at the feet of the Augsburg FC account because they beat BVB one time.

So could you imagine their reactions on deadline day, United fans everywhere getting the notifications on their phones, that Manchester United have signed... from Borussia Dortmund... NICO SCHULZ? This may sound like a fantasy, but as ESPN FC reported, Manchester United did indeed submit a loan offer with a €1 million fee for Schulz:

But seriously, Nico “Benched by Felix Passlack” Schulz? To be honest they probably wouldn’t have known who he was and would’ve just assumed he was good because he played for us, but for us Dortmund fans, the transfer would’ve been worth it just for the memes.

This only leaves the question: Why?! Why would Manchester United go for Schulz? First of all, they just signed left back Alex Telles from Porto. Maybe they wanted Schulz to play as a backup for him? But they already have Luke Shaw! Bringing him on as a depth piece would’ve probably put him 3rd in the depth chart. Now sitting on the bench is something Schulz has lots of experience with, but seriously, why? BVB’s front office were reportedly baffled by the request, and rightfully so. Serious questions have to be raised about Manchester United’s scouting.

The details of this are so strange that I’m beginning to doubt its veracity. I’d normally trust ESPN but this is just weird.

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