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Jadon Sancho to Miss England Friendly After Breaking Covid Protocols

A blockhead youngster doing blockhead youngster things.

Denmark v England - UEFA Nations League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Happy birthday Tammy Abraham! Well at least it was last weekend, when a group of six people surprised Tammy at his London home — a group of people including Chelsea left back Ben Chilwell and BVB’s own Jadon Sancho. Doing so was strictly against the UK’s new coronavirus restrictions, which give the metropolitan police the authority to break up gatherings of six or more. The code-violating party was apparently a surprise party, which must have annoyed Abraham a tad. It would be like if somebody surprised you with a bouncy castle for your birthday, but the bouncy castle was stolen property, and just by being near it made you liable for a fine... or something.

Unfortunately for Jadon, this means that he was potentially exposed to the Coronavirus, and due to the virus’s incubation period, will not be able to undergo a Covid test before the friendly today against Wales. Whether he is able to play in the Nations League on Sunday against Belgium will be determined by the outcome of his Covid test.

In response to this situation, Jadon did the wisest thing he could have possibly done: apologize on Instagram.

Unless he tests positive this will have basically no effect on Borussia Dortmund, so it’s really not worth getting into a tizzy over. Was it irresponsible? Yeah, even if he didn’t know how many people would be there, this isn’t really the time to go to a party. Was it that irresponsible? Not really. It’s not like he went to a nightclub or anything. I’m glad neither the police nor the FA seem interested in pursuing disciplinary action.