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Match Ratings: Bayern Munich 3-2 Borussia Dortmund

Dortmund lose a friendly and a chump trophy to minnows

FC Bayern München v Borussia Dortmund - Supercup 2020 Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Dortmund tend to walk into the Allianz Arena like a chain gang of young men heading to the guillotine, so even though it was only the Supercup, I didn’t have high hopes. However, despite Dortmund ultimately losing the game 3-2, I thought this was a pretty good effort. They fielded a weaker team, and key players were pulled out of the game early to keep them fresh for more important games that are coming up, and despite all this, BVB matched Bayern all the way.

Bayern hit Dortmund on the break for an early goal, and Muller buried an excellent header to put Bayern up 2-0 despite what had started as an even game, but Brandt pulled one back before the half ended. In the second half, BVB came out with intent, Haaland scoring the equalizer 10 minutes in, and he came very close to putting Dortmund ahead not long after. Unfortunately, with a little under 10 minutes left, Kimmich stole possession from Delaney, kicked off a Bayern counter, and through significant measures of both luck and skill, found himself sprawled on the floor moments later, watching the ball he lifted over Marwin Hitz heading into the back of the net for the game winner.

It wasn’t to be, but to be honest, I was more concerned about the performance than the result, given that it was only the Supercup. It’s a trophy you’ll happily add to the cabinet, but you shouldn’t lose much sleep over it. Maybe we can manage a similarly spirited performance when we next head to the Allianz in the Bundesliga?


Marwin Hitz

Paul: 5

I wouldn’t go as far as to blame Hitz for any of Bayern’s goals, but I did think he could have done more with two of them. He was sent the wrong way by a relatively mild effort from Tolisso, and he parried Kimmich’s weak shot back into the path of the midfielder for him to dink it over him and put Bayern up 3-2. Hitz was a little unlucky that both ended up in the back of the net, and there was also nothing that he could have done with Muller’s perfectly placed header, so I wouldn’t go as far as to say he had a bad game. But it wasn’t good either.

Emre Can

Paul: 6

Can was solid, especially in the first half. He continues to show that he is a really important part of this team. Can seems to give BVB the grit they have sometimes lacked in recent years, making him almost indispensable, whether at center back or in midfield.

Mats Hummels

Paul: 7

Hummels also put in a solid effort, and he never really looked in trouble despite facing up against Lewandowski. He has looked a little off-the-pace since the season started, but hopefully 90 minutes against Bayern was enough to brush the remaining cobwebs off.

Manuel Akanji

Paul: 8

I thought Akanji had a really good game, and was arguably BVB’s best player. His aggressive pressing led to both of Dortmund’s goals, and he was defensively sound and assured in possession throughout. After struggling a little at the weekend, this performance should ease any worries that Akanji is returning to his poor form from before.

Thomas Meunier

Paul: 4

Meunier was partly at fault for Bayern’s first goal, having whiffed on an attempt to tackle Davies, but there was plenty of pitch to cover after that point, so I think it is harsh to lay the blame solely at his feet. Nonetheless, he also had a couple poor passes, and he skied a good opportunity in the second half. Another poor game for Meunier. He has really struggled in the last three games.

However, I still believe it’s far too early to be spewing hate. He had a long break between the end of the Ligue 1 season and the start of this season, and he’s still finding his feet at Dortmund, which is even harder given the relatively short preseason. He has to improve, but three games is barely a trend. Give him a little (a lot) longer before making up your mind!

Felix Passlack

Paul: 6

Passlack was a bit of a surprise start against Bayern, but he coped pretty well, even shifting over to right back for the last 25 minutes. He was partly responsible for Muller’s goal, as he didn’t appear to be aware of his surroundings, and was completely unable to challenge Muller’s header as a result. However, Muller did a brilliant job attacking the header, and given the size difference between the two (Passlack is barely two fag papers tall), Passlack was always going to struggle in that duel.

Thomas Delaney

Paul: 6

I thought Delaney had a pretty solid game, and was particularly effective in the second half. He picked up the assist for the equalizer, with a nice through ball to Haaland, and he was surprisingly effective offensively throughout the game. However, he was pick-pocketed by Kimmich for the counter that led to Bayern’s winner. It was good play by Kimmich, but Delaney still shoulders the blame for that moment. It was a shame to see a good performance slightly soured, but I think he still deserves credit for how well he played prior to that moment.

Mo Dahoud

Paul: 5

Dahoud was lively throughout, but it was clear he was a little rusty. I thought he did a good job of showing what he is potentially capable of with more opportunities, it was just that the precision in the final ball was lacking. That was especially on show when he laid a pass too far behind Reus, stifling a play that would have resulted in a high probability shot if Dahoud’s pass had been better.

He also popped up with his customary “blast it at the moon” shot, reminding us of everything we love about Mo Dahoud. Hopefully Dahoud can contribute as part of the rotation this season.

Julian Brandt

Paul: 6

This one might be a little controversial, since this is a very pro-Julian community where everything Brandt touches turns to gold. I thought he was a passenger throughout much of the game. He was unable to impose his creativity on the game in the way we’ve come to love. However, Brandt can always be relied on to come up big when Dortmund need him, and he did so yesterday with a well-taken finish just before the end of the first half. I don’t think Brandt showed the full breadth of his quality and skill set against Bayern yesterday, but his tendency to put the team on his back when Dortmund are up against it deserves a ton of credit.

Marco Reus

Paul: 5

Reus put in a good shift, had some lively moments, and showed why he should be back in the starting lineup as soon as he is fully fit. However, I don’t think he is at that stage yet. Reus was one of a number of players that lacked a little bit of sharpness.

Erling Haaland

Paul: 8

Provided Brandt with the assist for the first goal, and finished well to level things up in the second half. Haaland looked up for the game throughout, and if not for an excellent save by Neuer, he might have scored a second. He was brought off with about 20 minutes left in the game, which was a decision that proved pretty unpopular among BVB fans, but I think it was the right move. A goal and an assist will have been great for his confidence, and taking him off early should ensure he is fresh for the Freiburg game on Saturday.


Nico Schulz

Paul: 6

Schulz played almost 25 minutes, and he looked fine. It probably helped that he came in for Meunier, who didn’t have the best game, but it would be nice if Schulz could find some form and contribute this season.

Reinier Jesus

Paul: 6

I thought Reinier was pretty lively. He looks like he could soon be ready to receive more playing time.

Gio Reyna

Paul: 5

Didn’t really have any impact when he came in.

Jude Bellingham

Paul: N/A

Lukasz Piszczek

Paul: N/A

Was unfortunate that his only contribution to the game was to be the defender that made it into the frame for Kimmich’s winning goal.