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Dortmund Match Preview: Reinvigorated BVB looks for revenge against upstarts Union Berlin

Time for revenge!

1. FC Union Berlin - Borussia Dortmund Photo by Paul Zinken/picture alliance via Getty Images

February starts with a home match for BVB as we take on Union Berlin. Union are in their first season in the Bundesliga and currently have 23 points, 6 above relegation safety. Last time we played Union in Berlin we lost 3-1. Delaney and Can are the only players not ready to play.

For lineup, we should definitely aim to have the 3-4-3 with with Haaland finally getting his start up front. Other then Haaland the lineup should stay similar to what it has been. Hummels Piz and Akanji as the 3 back, Brandt/Witsel in the middle, Hakimi/Raph as the wingbacks, Reus and Sancho supporting Haaland. Last time we played Union they carved us open and we lost the will to play. This team has played with more spirit the last two games, it also helps we now are using the 3-4-3. However we did give up 3 goals to Augsburg so we aren’t perfect yet.

Union will try or set piece goals and goals on the break. It will be on our backline to not give up any unneeded corners or free kicks when Union get a break. If we can keep those high variance chances low for Union our quality should outmatch them. Sebastian Anderson is a solid option for a bottom half club, he will mostly work as a point man on set pieces or long balls.

If Sancho, Reus and Haaland all play at the level they have the past two games this match will be a walk in the park. Of course Haaland won’t be able to keep up his ridiculous efficiency forever, but Union is a team that should be easy for him to dominate. Union does have a talented backline, sometimes led by BVB legend Neven Subotic. Nonetheless our front three have the capacity to put on quite a show.

This game is probably the last one we’ll see with the current lineup. The addition of Emre Can is sure to shake u how the squad will lineup one way or another. Whether Can takes Akanji’s spot or slots into the midfield, we won’t get to find out against Union.

What do you think the best lineup game plan for Union is?