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Match Recap: Dortmund crush Koln 5-1

Reus, Haaland and Sancho are going to be 1,2,3 in goals at this rate

Borussia Dortmund v 1. FC Koeln - Bundesliga Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images

Dortmund played their first home game of the Ruckrunde today and it was a fun one. We won 5-1 to Koln with goals from Sancho, Raph, Reus and Haaland. We now sit 3rd on the table a game ahead of our competition.

The first half went very well for BVB. We scored in the first minute as Hummels, Reus and Sancho combined to get the ball to Raphael who slotted it past the keeper. This hot start was a great morale boost for the team and they played just as hot the rest of the half. Rarely this half did they allow Koln to do much with the ball. Koln breaks were stopped confidently, limiting Koln to 1 on-target shot in the half. Our second goal came from Marco Reus and Hummels linking up again. Hummels passed the ball far to Reus who was on a break and smashed it cleanly. Hummels was involved with both goals the second half which is very impressive. This BVB side playing out of the back with Hummels as the distributor reminds me of our peak era under Tuchel. The half ended 2-0 in BVBs favor.

The second half almost started for Koln the way the first started for us. Hummels gave up the ball to Cordoba who got a easy 1 on 1 break but he couldn't get the shot on target. BVB made them pay as Sancho and Reus linked up shortly thereafter to get a 3rd goal. Reus made a great pass to get Sancho into the box then Sancho shook his man and put it past the GK. Koln did manage to get a goal back in the 63rd minute. After a corner kick Mark Uth got the ball when it was cleared and caught our whole team sleeping. I do have to give him credit for his positioning and shot however, this goal was not 100% BVB incompetence. After the goal BVB started to take their foot off the gas. Koln got a few more good looks but things wouldn’t stay in their favor for long. In the 77th min Erling Haaland got our 4th goal. It was totally a easy tip in after a few shots from Sancho and Reus but a goal is a goal. Credit to Haaland for being in the right spot at the right time, a very important striker skill! Haalands next goal was super great. He swept right past the keep and scored the goal at a 89 degree angle. the 5th goal of the game was a great way to end it.

Overall this was a great game from BVB. Playing out the back worked very well for this squad. Our wingbacks put good pressure on Koln and while Hakimi didn’t get a goal he played fantastically. Reus has totally broken his Hinrunde slump and is playing like his old self. Jadon Sancho now has 14 goals and 14 assists this season. He has a honest shot at being named Bundesliga player of the season, especially because Mhki has 11 goals and 15 assists when he won the same award. Haaland is insane, there’s not much more I can say about it.

How do we feel about the game today?