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Official: ESPN+ wins US TV rights for Bundesliga starting in 2020

So long awful commentary

NFL: SEP 16 Browns at Jets Photo by Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Its official, ESPN has won the rights to all Bundesliga games starting in 2020. Fox could not out bid Disney making this the last season we have Bundesliga on FOX. ESPN will put all Bundesliga games on their ESPN+ service, meaning we will have to pay $5 dollars a month to watch BVB and the rest of the league. This also means we will probably get less games on TV if an at all. While that is definitely not great, the deal is probably better for the Bundesliga in competing money wise with the rest of Europe.

Disney’s huge Disney+,Hulu and ESPN+ bundle coming later this year may expose many new fans to the Bundesliga. Another positive is no more Fox commentators. I’m sure we can all agree ESPN can’t do much worse then those Fox had brought on for commentary.

What do you think about ESPN+ winning the rights to the Bundesliga?