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Dortmund Match Recap: BVB tie Werder Bremen 2-2

7th gets us a Europa League qualifier right?

Borussia Dortmund - Werder Bremen Photo by Marius Becker/picture alliance via Getty Images

Well that certainly was a game. BVB tied Werder Bremen at home 2-2 today in one of their most embarrassing games this year. The BVB goals were from Mario Gotze and Marco Reus. We are now 7th on the Bundesliga table. Honestly 7th probably overrates us after this one.

The first half showed us the weakness and strengths of this BVB squad. Milot Rasicha scored at the 7 minute mark on to open things up. The goal was bad to give up for Dortmund but the lead didn’t last long. Piszczek took a cross to Gotze who scored easily to tie us back up. it’s nice to see Gotze get his goal after being in exile to start the season. Gotze played really well the whole half and Dortmund looked in control. We had some great chances and finally took the lead in the 41st minute off a Reus goal. Definitely nice to see Gotzeues back again. The first half ended 2-1 with BVB looking the better team.

The second half was not impressive from Dortmund. We gave up a silly set piece goal at the 55th minute to a Marco Freidl. It was an embarrassing corner defense that even a high school jv soccer club would be expected to defend. After the goal Dortmund looked to have some ideas for about 15 minuts but from 70’ on they clearly had no plan. Bremen and BVB both looked like they could score Dortmund did not look like a title challenger playing a home game. They didn’t look like the team that held Barcelona or crushed Bayer. Mostly they looked clueless for the last 20 mins. After a last minute shot from Paco, the game ended 2-2.

Overall this was just a terrible game from BVB. Hazard and Dahoud both played great games but there wasn’t much else. Gotze played well in the first half as well. Akanji and Weigl were clueless in defense and even Witsel didn’t look up to snuff. I see the team sheet says Sancho started but you could convince me we were playing with 10 men. Just a poor game from BVB. At this point Favre should be on the hot seat. 1 win from 5 games is below par for what Dortmund squad should be. Werder had many players injured or unfit to start as well. BVB spent big this summer to go for it all. So far at it seems a waste.