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The Daily Bee (September 12th, 2019): Messi questionable for BVB-game

Will the Superstar miss Barca’s first game in Dortmun in 20 years?

FBL-ESP-LIGA-BARCELONA-REAL BETIS Photo credit should read JOSEP LAGO/AFP/Getty Images

A lot of fans were looking forward to see Lionel Messi play for the first time at the Westfalenstadion but it looks like it’s not going to happen. A calf injury is still bothering the superstar who has missed all of Barcelona’s games so far. The 32-year old has not resumed practice and will definitely miss Barca’s next game against Valencia.

There were a lot of rumors this summer about a possible transfer of Julian Weigl but in the end the midfielder stayed in Dortmund. The 24-year old has now explained how and when he made the decision to stay

“The decisive moment was during the training camp in Bad Ragaz was a conversation between the coach and me. It was very good. He clearly told me his opinion and how it changed about me last season. In addition, he told me I was in good shape during the preparation. It was important for me that he sees me again predominantly in the 6th position. There were offers, but the decision to stay here was made with my people.”

However, Weigl did confirm that he asked for a move during the last winter break:

“During the winter break, I reflected on the first half of the season and asked myself what the prospects for the second half of the season are. Thereupon there were discussions with those responsible in which I told them that I would like to make a change. The club was against it. The club wanted to become champion and it was not clear when the injured center-backs would return.”

In an interview with Die Zeit, Marco Reus has once again talked about his decision to stay with Borussia Dortmund all these years and how experience has helped him cope with public criticism. In addition, BVB’s captain has also opened up about his plans after his active career. Unlike most players Reus does not want to work as a coach or sporting director after his career:

“Working in this business for 15 or 20 more years, in the public, as a coach or as a manager, that’s not my thing. I also want to get to know the other side of life and do things I’ve never been able to do: traveling properly, not like us who are only ever in one place for two days. There are still so many things that you want to experience. It takes time.”