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The Daily Bee (August 6th, 2019): Philipp will reportedly join Dynamo Moscow

Borussia Dortmund US Tour 2019 Photo by Alexandre Simoes/Borussia Dortmund via Getty Images

According to Bild Maximilian Philipp will join Dynamo Moscow, the Russian club will pay 20€ million for the 25-year-old. Several Bundesliga clubs were also interested in Philipp but were not able to match Dynamo’s offer for the versatile offensive player.

Dortmund would be able to recoup the entire fee that they paid for Philipp in 2017 when he joined from SC Freiburg.

Patrick Owomoyela and Norbert Dickel have been sanctioned for their comments during the BVB friendly against Udinese Calcio. During the live broadcast on BVB-TV both repeatedly made fun of the names of Italian players and used the derogatory term “Itaker”. In addition Owomoyela imitated Hitler’s speaking pattern and said “Great battles that were fought here”.

The club has released a statement to WDR regarding the comments:

“Patrick Owomoyela and Norbert Dickel have been working intensely on anti-racism work with us for years, both of which were extremely uncomfortable with their statements nine days ago. They were deeply disappointed That’s why they approached the management immediately after the broadcast.“

”We have sanctioned their misconduct and made it clear to both that their attempt to be funny has gone completely wrong, was absolutely out of place and such comments have no place for us, both of whom have publicly acknowledged their misconduct a week ago and promised that it will not happen again. They emphasized during the next transmission that they were wrong. There’s nothing to add.“

The DFB have admitted that the referees, especially the video assistant referee, were wrong in their assessment about the situation with Joshua Kimmich and Jadon Sancho during the Supercup:

“Video Assistant Robert Schröder has made a mistake in the formal process. He would have had to send referee Daniel Siebert to the review area for his own review, as he did not have a clear perception of the scene on the pitch, and instead mistakenly rated this situation with a yellow card with his team in the video basement.“

Even though Ömer Toprak has started for BVB during the Supercup and has played well during the pre-season Gianluca Di Marzio still claims US Sassuolo are in negotiations with the center-back to complete a move to the Serie A side.

At this point it would be rather surprising seeing Toprak leave despite BVB’s depth at the position. Toprak has been great so far and would be a solid depth player who could prove to be valuable in the upcoming season.