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The Daily Bee (August 5th, 2019): Zorc criticizes VAR, Guerreiro’s situation still unclear and Schick linked to BVB

Plus Maguire becomes most expensive defender ever

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Borussia Dortmund v Bayern München - DFL Supercup 2019 Photo by Stuart Franklin/Bongarts/Getty Images
  • Will Guerreiro stay?

Raphael Guerreiro’s situation is still unclear. The versatile Portuguese international started for BVB in their 2:0 victory against Bayern Munich in the Supercup but he still hasn’t signed an extension which leaves the club with an uneasy choice. Either keep Guerreiro and risk losing him for free or try to sell him now to get a fair fee for him.

After the game Lucien Favre seemed confident that Guerreiro will stay in Dortmund saying “We hope he stays” before adding “He will stay” a few moments later.

Patrik Schick has been a recurring name all offseason long and reports from Italy keep on linking the striker to the black and yellows. The centre forward is said to be interested in a move to Dortmund but AS Roma would like to avoid sending him out on loan with a option to buy and would rather just sell him outright. Roma have already found their replacement in Fernando Llorente if both clubs can find common ground on a transfer.

Despite BVB’s win in the Supercup one situation still angered BVB officials, Joshua Kimmich stepping on Jadon Sancho’s foot. Michael Zorc had some choice words for the VAR referee :

“In the view of the pictures I lack any understanding, really any understanding, how they can sit in the basement in Cologne and say: This is a yellow card.”

“This is a crystal clear red card. The ball was off, the game was interrupted. Then it was a clear attack by Joshua Kimmich.”

“He stepped him deliberately on the foot, and the it goes in the direction of the ankle. There can be no choice but red. You can go to 35 seminars but in that moment if that’s how you assess the situation then we don’t need the video referee.”

Michael Zorc is usually more restrained when it comes to publicly criticizing referee’s but in this case it seems justified. Even though Kimmich claimed it wasn’t intentional after the game the pictures tell a different story and it should have been a red red card.

Luckily for BVB Jadon Sancho doesn’t seem to have suffered a severe injury. Sancho told Sport Bild “My foot is alright, everything’s good”.

Borussia Dortmund’s rival Schalke 04 is in turmoil after supervisory Board Chairman Clemens Tönnies expressed some deeply disturbing comments during a speech.

Tönnies was invited as an honorary speaker to an event called “Day of the craft” and criticized tax increases in the fight against climate change, instead he offered to finance power plants in Africa and made this comment:

“Then the Africans would stop cutting down trees and they will stop producing children when it’s dark”

This incredibly racist comment has since been rightly criticized. Now Schalke’s honorary board and the DFB ethics commission have announced that they will evaluate the situation and discuss the consequences.

  • ManU make record signing

Manchester United have signed central defender Harry Maguire from Leicester City for 80£ million (~87.1€ million) and have made Maguire the most expensive center-back ever beating the Virgil Van Dijk to Liverpool transfer from 2018 by 2€ million.