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Dortmund Match Recap: BVB lose 3-1 in Berlin

Well this is embarassing


Not a great day for BVB. We played our third game of the season and lost 3-1 to newly promoted Union Berlin. All around the game was awful. our defense played poor, our midfield was in shambles and both the home and away fans embarrassed themselves. Our loan goal was from Paco Alcacer. The Berlin goals were from Marius Butler and Sebatian Andersson. This was Union Berlins first home Bundesliga win in their history.

The First half started very back and forth. BVB controlled possession and Union went on the occasional break. Unions gameplan paid off as in the 22’ they scored off a corner that was awfully defended. However BVB responded quickly when Paco Alcacer tied it up 1-1. The first half ended with some fan violence between supporters groups and Tomas Delaney getting a nasty head injury and being allowed to play on. A sequence of events that don’t shine the greatest light on the Bundesliga.

For the second half BVB came totally undone. Marius scored his second on awful defending from Akanji. BVB couldn't get their game plan set after that. our best chance the rest of the half was a chance created for Paco that he didn’t even take. Sebatian Anderson put the game away on another defensive blunder in the 75th minute.

What can we take away from this game? Not much good obviously. Akanji looks a shell of his former self. With us letting Diallo and Toprak walk we need him to find his form or our season may as well be wrapped up now. Also its clear that Witsel is so important for keeping this team in the game, especially his ability to stop the break. Weigl reverted to the worst of his poor form this game, playing nervously and unsure of himself. Dahoud hasn’t played in awhile and its unreassuring he still takes whatever stupid long shot he wants to. Hopefully this game helps the team understand what they need to change. To be honest they’ve been here before last season and that change never happened.

Whats your takeaway from the game. lets try to keep the comments somewhat not a dumpster fire.