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Fear The Wall’s Fantasy Bundesliga 19/20

Fancy yourself as a bit of an expert? Join the Fear The Wall fantasy football league and prove it!

Borussia Dortmund v Fortuna Duesseldorf - Bundesliga Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images

As the season nears, it’s now time to start making terrible predictions and telling everyone with absolute certainty that you know everything that has ever been known about football. Mats Hummels is rubbish, Lewandowski is a figment of our imagination, Bayer Leverkusen are going to win the league. There are no points for accuracy. It is all about creativity. It’s not like anyone can trace the stupid things we say anyway. Good thing the internet is wiped every day at midnight, to make room for the next day!

But if you’re a terrible bore and must insist on at least trying to be right, maybe you’d like the chance to prove just how right you always are. Everybody loves the person that can show receipts for their correctness. Nothing like a good “I told you so” for making friends. And what better way than a system tallying up your knowledge of the Bundesliga and it’s players. If only such a thing existed...

Fantasy Bundesliga 19/20

Come join Fear The Wall’s Bundelisga fantasy league for the upcoming season. It’s the official provider of fun and laughter. And who doesn’t like fun and laughter?

If you’re interested in joining the league, go to the Bundesliga Fantasy Football website and register your team. Once you have registered, you can go to “My Leagues” and search for “Fear The Wall”. The league name is “Fear The Wall Fantasy 19/20”. Go ahead and join, and feel free to share the league with others who might be interested. Everyone is welcome, even those mutants at Bavarian Football Works. Please enjoy our wares. I’ll try and do a roundup every so often through the season, to keep everyone interested.

Let us know your team name in the comments, and I can personally drag you when it comes time to do so. Enjoy!